lambert Violet annexe

Now go into the Lambert Violet annexe where 70 oak vats tower like pillars in a cathedral. Their total capacity is over 15 million litrers : the largest cellar in the world!


Discover, touch and smell the aromatic plants that are used to make Byrrh : coffee, cocoa, cinnamon, bitter orange peel.


Imagine these plants, shipped by sea from around the world to the port in Port Vendres !


A little further on admire the largest, the most impressive, and the most gigantic oak vat in the world. First filled in 1951, it took fifteen years to build and holds up to 1,000,200 litres.


 It is a formidable technical feat.


Lambert Annexe Control centre (dates back to 1926).
Agrandir l'imageLambert Annexe Control centre (dates back to 1926).
Le marché à épices
Agrandir l'imageLe marché à épices

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